Exterior Surface Protection

Specially formulated clear film coat developed from the latest technology for automotive exterior protection against stains, surface hardening, aging and rusting.

  1. Prevent paint and surfaces from scratches
  2. Prevent rusting of metal surfaces
  3. Retain cleanliness and smoothness of surface
  4. Liquid-repelling
  5. Anti-static properties
  6. Prevent discolouring and staining

Having worked on thousands of supercars since founded, Autozkin knows well what kind of detailing will give your asset the most durable paintwork protection and exquisite shine. Autozkin’s finest detailing collection, Zeaiil Wax Cream is specifically engineered to complement Autozkin’s high-performance paintwork protection system for supercars, motorbikes, yachts and other modes of transportation. Formulated from the finest natural materials, Zeaiil is the perfect sealer over Autozkin’s PPF and all types of paintwork. Easy to apply, it guarantees a beautiful deep gloss finish that will last.

Protect your cherished asset with Zeaiil Wax Cream.

Interior Surface Protection

Specially formulated invisible film spray developed from the latest technology for automotive interior protection against stains, surface hardening, cracking and aging.

  1. Anti-bacterial
  2. Keep surface clean and free from dirt
  3. Prevent surface from scratches
  4. Leave a shiny texture

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